Unsolicited Testimonials to the Character and Talent of Rebecca Arthur
"You are just so funny!!!"
        Audience members
"You are such a great talent!"
         Judy Carter (Professional Comic,
                 Author, Lecturer, and Instructor)
"You're almost a giant!"
            Employee at the Los Angeles Unified School District
  "I did not have sexual relations with that woman..."
         Bill Clinton
Y"Wonderful, as usual." - Rick Overton (Actor and Comic) "You're my favorite 6'4" female comic." - Bill Word (Comic and Booker)

"You're crazy!!!"
         Kristin Arthur (daughter)

"You are one sick woman!"
         Debra Ruggles, Friend and Co-worker
"If we could just channel that imagination into something useful!"
         Larry Lauer, College Professor
"Your life is very interesting...watching it from this side."
         Anonymous psychiatrist
"You never do a lick of work!"
         Wilson Arthur, father
"My God, you're big!"
         Unknown man in grocery store, Ft. Worth, TX
"You're just like your father!"
         Helen Arthur, mother
         Jerry Sienfeld, Rich Comic
"You Americans are always looking for the easy way to do things..."
                   Boarding School Teacher, Melbourne Australia
"Sorry, I only like short, Hispanic women who can cook..."
               Douglas Hanson, Bum